Grid Edge Showcase


This year’s Grid Edge Showcase at RE+ Southeast features an interactive tour of the “Electric Avenue.” QR code addressable “Infographics” cover:

  • Neighborhood/Community Microgrids
  • Commercial & Industrial Nanogrids
  • Utility Scale Microgrids
  • Remote Access Microgrids
  • Residential Nanogrids
  • Indoor Agriculture Nanogrids
  • Information/Communications Nanogrids
  • Defense/Military Microgrids
  • Health Services Nanogrids
  • EV Charging Infrastructure Microgrids.

This short walking tour is loaded with application and use case insights, basic one-line topology drawings and business model suggestions.

The Grid Edge Showcase content is provided by RE+ industry partner, EMerge Alliance.

Open During Expo Hall Hours

Wednesday, May 11
10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Thursday, May 12
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

View and download your free copy of the online “Micropedia”, a compendium of information about the world of microgrids, including how they work, their applications, their technologies, and their basic anatomy.

And finally, there will be mini-presentations and one-on-one discussions about Grid Edge opportunities including new technologies, such as “digital fault managed electricity,” “energy-as-a-service” business models and the evolving system transformation to a renewable energy friendly “Grid-of-Grids” that can do for electricity what networks and the Internet did for information.  Recognized experts involved in actual projects involving planning, modelling, engineering, construction, and operation of various private, third-party and utility microgrid networking use cases will be on hand to help visitors explore expanding opportunities at the “Grid Edge.”


Join us for two-days of networking, education, and discussion on how to grow your business in the southeast.

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